BUFM Band 96: Early Neolithic Settlement Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz, in Lower Austria Volume 2


We had our first contact with Brunn am Gebirge, site 3 in 1989. In this month, a public motorway project was started, which had been planned for decades. The Viennese ‘Außenring Autobahn A21’ (also ‘Alland Autobahn’) is a motorway in eastern Austria and part of Europastraße 60. It connects the ‘West-Autobahn A1’ at traffic junction Steinhäusl with the ‘Süd-Autobahn A2’ at the junction of Vösendorf, where it joins into the ‘Wiener Außenring Schnellstraße S1’. The former ‘Brunner Feldstraße’, also called ‘S12’, was redirected so that the bypass around the Theresienau farm, a part of the Brenner-Felsach estate, could enable a considerably wider roadway than the former one, which led over the farm. During the realisation of this building project, I first took note of the excavation work that started with a caterpillar in the northern area of Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz at the beginning of September 1989.
At first, I found the remains of Brunn site 1, some weeks later the findings from site 3 and further on in the road construction process, a few hundred metres to the south, site 2. The main part of site 3 was excavated very carefully only much later in 1999. The construction of a gas station enabled us to document a planned excavation. In total, twelve houses or parts of houses could be investigated in 1989 and 1999. A large part of Brunn am Gebirge, site 3, according to magnetic investigations, is still preserved, waiting for further explorations. The magnetic prospection showed us about 150 houses including all houses already excavated. Considering all areas, which could not yet be studied, it would be possible that the number of longhouses exceeds 200 or maybe even 250.
The chronological frame for Brunn is fixed with the sequence 2, 3, 4, (5), 1 and 6, with an absolute chronology from 5650 to 5050 calBC. Site 3 gave us the best-preserved longhouses from all areas of Brunn Wolfholz. Because its surface is completely flat, erosion did not destroy as much as on other sites at Brunn. Site 3 belongs to the Milanovce phase of the Linear Pottery culture (LPC).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.
Peter Stadler, Alexander Minnich, Ralf Totschnig
• Magnetic Prospection 2013 & 2019 at Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz

Chapter 2.
Peter Stadler
• Triangulation Maps and Aerial Photos

Chapter 3.
Alexander Minnich
• The Hearths and Ovens of the LPC Settlement of Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz – an Update

Chapter 4.
Nadezhda Kotova, Peter Stadler
• Technological Aspect and Shape of Pottery

Chapter 5.
Nadezhda Kotova, Peter Stadler
• Ornamentation of Pottery of Brunn am Gebirge Wolfholz, Site 3

Chapter 6.
Nadezhda Kotova, Peter Stadler
• Clay Objects from Brunn am Gebirge Wolfholz, Site 3

Chapter 7.
Beate Maria Pomberger, Nadezhda Kotova, Alexander Minnich, Peter Stadler
• The Musical Instruments of the Early Neolithic Settlement of Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz

Chapter 8.
Nadezhda Kotova, Peter Stadler
• Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz, Site 3 and the Formative Phase of the Linear Pottery Culture

Chapter 9.
Peter Stadler, Alexander Minnich
• Sequencing of Houses of the Brunn 1 – 6 Sites Based on the Combination of Radiocarbon Chronology and Seriation

Chapter 10.
Peter Stadler, Nadezhda Kotova
• Chronology of the Brunn Sites in the Context of the Linear Pottery Culture

Chapter 11.
Nadezhda Kotova
• Reconstruction of Sequence of Brunn 3 Houses using Radiocarbon Chronology, Seriation, Orientation of Houses and Climatic Data

Chapter 12.
Andreas Rohatsch, Michael Götzinger, Peter Stadler, Alexander Minnich, Selina Rohatsch
• The Rock Inventory of the Early Neolithic (LPC) Site Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz

Chapter 13.
Jaroslav Řídký, Peter Stadler
• Macrolithic Artefacts from Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz

Chapter 14.
Peter Stadler, Andreas Rohatsch
• Macrolithic Artefacts Catalogue

Chapter 15.
Alexander Minnich, Andreas Rohatsch, Peter Stadler
• A Stone Axe from Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz near Site 1

Chapter 16.
Roman Sauer
• Petrographic and Mineralogical Analyses of Additional Selected Pottery from the Excavation Brunn am Gebirge (Locality Wolfholz) from Sites 1, 3 and 4 and Comparison with some Reference Samples

Chapter 17.
Attila Kreiter, Péter Skoda
• Some Thoughts on the Assumedly Imported Vessels from Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz

Chapter 18.
Yanik Hahnekamp, Peter Stadler
• Cemeteries and Settlement Graves

Chapter 19.
Nadezhda Kotova, Peter Stadler
• Plates with Ceramics from Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz, Site 3

Chapter 20.
Peter Stadler, Nadezhda Kotova
• Abstract

Chapter 21.
Nadezhda Kotova, Peter Stadler
• Conclusions

Chapter 22.
Peter Stadler, Nadezhda Kotova
• Zusammenfassung

Chapter 23.
Nadezhda Kotova, Peter Stadler
• Schlussfolgerungen

Chapter 24.
Peter Stadler, Nadezhda Kotova
• Literature

Chapter 25.
Peter Stadler
• Authors and their E-Mail Addresses

Chapter 26.
Peter Stadler
• Colour Photos from the Excavation of Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz, Site 3

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Band 96: Early Neolithic Settlement Brunn am Gebirge, Wolfholz, in Lower Austria Volume 2


Hrsg.: Peter Stadler & Nadezhda Kotova


Wien & Langenweißbach 2021

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