Archeologie středověkého domu v Mostě (čp. 226)


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The results from the excavation of an area covering 1500 square metres in the medieval centre of Most, carried out in 1976-77, is discussed. This was one of the two larger excavations that archaeologists were permitted in the town, which was then completely destroyed by brown coal surface mining. The volume offers an analysis of individual types of artefacts and ecofacts by 14 authors. The concluding chapters attempt a reconstruction of the archaeologically recognized reality in its relation to the historical evidence.

1. Introduction.

2. The nature of the field situation and the relevant finds assemblage.

3. The testimony of the artefacts.

4. The testimony of the ecofacts.

5. The mirror of archaeological excavation.

6. Report on the life in a medieval townhouse.

7. Catalogue of the excavations and artefact evidence. –


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Tschechische Literatur


Mediaevalia Archaeologica


Archeologie středověkého domu v Mostě (čp. 226)


Hrsg. Klápště, Jan


Praha-Most 2002

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382 pp. with figs., 176 tabs., English summary