Supplementum 21: Mikulovice – Early Bronze Age Cemetery un the Amber Road – Pohřebiště starší doby bronzové na Jantarové stezce


List of authors

Foreword and acknowledgements 


On the study of Early Bronze Age cemeteries in Bohemia

Site location, geomorphologieal, geological and pedological situation

  • Geomorphological situation
  • Geological and pedological conditions
  • Background geological knowledge of the site
  • Geological development of the studied territory

Early Bronze Age finds from the cadastral territory of Mikulovice

  • “Kaspar” brickworks in Mikulovice
  • Other Early Bronze Age sites in the cadastral territory of Mikulovice near Pardublee

Archaeological excavation of the Mikulovice “V louckach” site

Catalogue of graves – find situation

  • Studied information
  • Description of individual graves and features

Grave pits

  • Shapes, dirnensions and orientation of gave pits
  • Grave constructions
  • Amount of work related to the burial ritual
  • “Settlement pits” with skeletons
  • Intentional disturbance of grave pits – “plundering” or “manipulation” digs?
  • Superposition of grave pits – vertical stratigraphy

Skeletalremains – archaeological observations

  • State of preservation of skeletal remains
  • Arrangement of skeletal remains (their parts) in the grave pit
  • Position of skeletal remains (their parts)
  • commentary and discussion

Cases for burying the deceased and other burial components from organic materials

  • Cases for burying the deceased
  • Underlays and other parts of burials from organic materials
  • Discussion – buria! method

Cremation burials

Catalogue and analysis of artefads from graves

  • Pottery
  • Metal finds
  • Amber
  • Animal bones from graves and settlement features with human skeletal remeins
  • Bone and antler artefacts
  • Shells of freshwater and sea molluses as grave goods or eomponents of ornaments
  • Chipped stone industry
  • Lithic tools – pebbles and hammerstones

Anthropological and palaeopathological description of individuals from Mikulovice

  • Anthropological and demographie analysis
  • Health of individuals
  • Morphological variability of non-metrie traits and morphological similarity of individuals
  • Green colouring on bones as an indicator of the presenee of metal artefacts

Scientific analyses of finds

  • Analyses of the elemental composition and ratios of lead isotopes in the metal artefacts from Mikuloviee
  • Metallurgical investigation of tin rings from grave no. 50
  • Traces of silver-plating on artefacts from grave no. 13
  • Traces of metaion bone artefacts from features no. 2023 and 2412
  • Chemical analyses of amber sampies
  • Analyses of plant maeroremains and ehareoals
  • Petrographie determination of stones
  • Site environment based on malaeological analysis

Discussion and interpretation of finds

  • Grave goods, furnishings and costumes
  • Admixtures in grave pit fill
  • Non-random groups of artefacts at the Mikulovice cemetery
  • Common or exceptional? Exotics at the Mikulovice cemetery

Isotope reconstrudion of diet in a Mikulovice population sampie

  • Material and methods
  • Results and discussion
  • Conclusion

87Sr/86Sr and ɓ180 isotope signatures of EBA individuals from Mikulovice

  • Introduction
  • Sampling and measurements
  • Methods
  • Discussing results
  • Condusions and summary

Absolute and relative chronology of the Mikulovice cemetery

  • Absolute dating
  • Relative chronology of the Mikulovice cemetery

The Mikulovice cemetery in a regional context

  • Early Bronze Age finds in the Pardubice and Chrudim regions
  • Settlement of the Pardubice and Chrudim regions in the Early Bronze Age


Early Bronze Age community on the Amber Road. The testimony of the cemetery in Mikulovice



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Supplementum 21: Mikulovice – Early Bronze Age Cemetery un the Amber Road – Pohřebiště starší doby bronzové na Jantarové stezce


Michal Ernée, Michaela Langová et al.



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688 pp. with figs., tabs. and graphs. Czech with German and English summaries